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Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 Month Well Check

That boys 2 month well check was last Friday. I was a little scared as to how they'd react........with them already being colicky, I was expecting the worst with them being whiney from their shots. To my surprise though, they both were perfectly fine. I kept on the tylenol for about a day and even when I stopped giving it to them, they were still fine. Obviously still crabby but that was no more than their colic so I didn't attribute it to their shots. Jaxson is now 11.3lbs and 22 inches long. He has a bigger head than Jayce so he looks bigger even though they are just about the same in size. Jax's head is 15 inches. Jax is proving to definitely be just like his Daddy. Kevin likes to take things apart and try to put them back together and Jax is following suit learning cause and effect. We got them a new bouncer and the lights go on when they hit the animals hanging from the bottom. Jaxson is definitely learning faster than I thought!Jayce is now 11.4lbs and 23 inches long. His head isn't much smaller than Jayce's......14.3 inches...........but it fits him perfectly. Jayce used to be the more laid back child and he still is to some extent but he's certainly proving to be the stronger one. Jayce is already starting to do the army crawl and hold his head up on his own for long periods of time. He is just so smiley when he plays now and will definitely let you know what he enjoys doing and what he hates. He gets that from me! :) Both boys are growing up so fast and soon they won't be babies anymore but Kevin and I are very excited to see what the next chapter will be. They certainly already seem to be a little ahead of the game so who knows what is in store for us! We just have to wait and see........... Finally the boys' eyes are changing color which was something I was intently waiting for. Jaxson is going to have blue eyes......not sure if they'll lighten up or not but right now they are a little darker blue. Jayce is definitely going to have a shade of brown.....either hazel like Kevin or dark brown like me. Their haircolor seems to be staying the same which is good. They are just so darn cute!! I wasn't too happy with the 2 month pictures I took from last post so I decided to take new ones.......not necessarily of the babies themselves but other kinds of pictures. Take a look: Mommy and Jayce Jayce Jayce Jayce Jayce Daddy and Jaxson Jaxson Jaxson Jaxson Jaxson I have so much fun taking pictures of's even better now that they are smiley! I finally did get on a monthly schedule so next pictures I take will be at 3 months. Their next well check is April 30th. Hopefully they do good with their shots again just like last time. More updates to come then.......... Love, Holly