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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sure has been a while!

I didn't even look at the date of my last post. I don't have to because I know that I have been such a slacker. I guess having two 3 year olds and an almost 8 month old (who is VERY mobile) sure keeps me busy. Add in a full time job, selling Thirty One and Lia Sophia and 3-4 nights at the YMCA and you got one tired momma!

I have SO much to catch up on but this has to be a short post so I will share some GREAT news.......I'm almost to my goal weight 6 months post baby! I am officially down 27 pounds and I WOULD like to lost at least 10 more pounds if I can do it! I have done so much already I know I can reach that goal! I have lost all the baby weight so far plus some!

Pictures to come..........