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Monday, December 28, 2009

Last growth ultrasound................

From now until the boys are born, I will not know how much they weigh. As of today:

Twin A - 5lbs 4ozs
Twin B - 5lbs 14ozs

Over the last 2 days I have had increasing lower back pain just like I felt a week ago when I was sick and at the hospital. At my non-stress test today I was having a lot of spikes in my uterine activity so we'll see if it keeps progressing over the next few days. My doctor said that at the point I'm at now (36 weeks), if I were to go into labor, they would not stop it and would let me have them.

The boys continue to look great, though. Fluids are good, weights are good and they have full heads of hair!!!! Now we all just can't wait to meet these little men. I am measuring about 47 weeks right now and I'm only 36 weeks so I'm pretty darn big with almost 11lbs of babies in me.

Besides all that, no new news has progressed. It's now just playing the waiting game and wondering when will they arrive. Will they come this week, next week or when the c-section is scheduled?? We'll soon see.............

Here's to hoping for new years babies,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas........

Well, we certainly hope it will be a very merry christmas for us this year with an arrival of two special someones...........but so far, they are still cookin'. I've been going to the doctor twice a week and so far so good. Sometimes the boys cooperate and sometimes they don't. Thankfully I have my Mom to go with me and we talk and watch t.v. She certainly has kept me some well needed company!

I am now at the goal of my doctor, 34 weeks. Monday will mark 35 weeks so from now on, the longer they are in, obviously the better but 34 weeks was what they were shooting for. In case these boys DO decide to cook until 38 weeks, that is when I would be induced. My doctor has scheduled the c-section for January 12 at 7:30am. It is known that I will have to have a c-section because Twin A (Jaxson) is breech, feet first, and they doubt he is going to turn. He just likes where he's at and hasn't moved for about 1 1/2 months now. I guess if he's comfy, then let him be, right? :)

Over the last month I certainly have grown.......or should I say the boys have grown? Here are some updated pictures:

34 weeks..........almost there!

So sweet........

My Dad was kind enough to take a few extra pictures for us. I love how they came out. They will certainly be memories for us to look back on and show the boys when they are older. (Thanks Dad!)

My Mom and I also have been putting the finishing touches on the boys' room since they can come at just about any time. The letters for their names are painted and just need to be put up along with a few pictures but those are just minor things. Once everything is all together, I will post pictures of their room.

I have my next appointment tomorrow. Thursdays are my longer appointments since I have a non stress test, appointment with the doctor to answer questions and an ultrasound. But at least they are being watched closely to make sure everything is okay and falling right on track.

More updates to follow in the coming days.........


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zoom, zoom............

With each appointment, the news just gets better and better. I'm so happy that things have progressing so well these last few months. God is definitely watching over us.........Here are updates from today's appointment:

Twin A (Jaxson) - 134bpm and 4lbs
Twin B (Jayce) - 150bpm and 4.6lbs

As you can see, they are just growing awesome. They are not ahead of schedule anymore but they are right where they should be. They also have hair! I was born with a full head of hair and hopefully these boys will be just like Mommy.

Starting next week I will go twice a week for non stress tests to monitor the babies for approx. 30 minutes. This is just to make sure that they are moving and that their heart rates increase and decrease with movement. Twins are a high risk pregnancy to begin with and with that, they are also at a higher risk to be still born so that is why the non stress tests are done. With how everything has been going, the doctors aren't fearful at all of this but obviously just want to be sure.

Since I have been on bed rest I lost a few pounds already in these few short days. That makes me feel better knowing that the bed rest is working and getting rid of some of the extra water weight. Hopefully it continues to decrease to take even more extra weight off of me.

Everything else is going just wonderful........I have had trouble sleeping at night with the babies being active and my frequent potty breaks. If it gets too bad, the doctor said that they could prescribe something but I am holding off unless completely necessary. I do get long naps in the afternoon when they aren't as active so that outweighs the nighttime right now.

Kevin and I are just very excited to meet our little men so hopefully in the next few weeks, we'll be posting their first pictures!! Until then, new ultrasound pictures will have to do:

Jaxson (32 weeks) - You can see part of his little face looking at us

Jaxson - You can see his hair sticking up off his head!!!!

Jayce (32 weeks) - Hello baby!! :)

Jayce - Profile

Jayce - Look at his chubby little face!