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Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to the 2nd Trimester!

Today marks 13 weeks and officially the start of the 2nd trimester. These last 2 months since I found out I was pregnant have gone by so fast. I can only hope that the next 6 months go the same.

Things have still been going great with the babies, as you saw in my last post. As for me, I'm still doing better but not great. I wake up with a headache almost everyday, I have strange dreams at night and I still have some nausea but not as bad as it was. On the bright side, every now and then I kinda feel a jerk in my tummy which I THINK is from the babies. Hopefully soon I can feel them without having to lay down with my hand on my tummy for 30 minutes.

The rest of the family is doing good. I think the kitties know that something is up because they always all follow me wherever I go. Kevin and I are very excited to have found a new place which we will move into October 1st. It's a duplex so we now only have 1 neighbor to worry about instead of 7 like we do now. It'll give us more space and a little more freedom than what we have in this complex right now.

Other than that, we are all doing fine and excited to see what these next few months bring. More updates will follow my next appointment on August 12th.......


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 month Doctor's Appointment

Today was one of the best doctor's appointments so far........for me anyway! It has been so awesome these last 2 months to see them and hear their heartbeats and most of all, see how much they develop from one appointment to the next.

All I was excited for today was to see a 'baby' formation. Little did I know I was going to get much more than that. I layed down and looked at the screen and of course, was happy to see my two little peanuts. The sonographer said they were sleeping. I was like 'ok'. She did her thing and measured them and checked the heartbeats. Updates are:

Twin A - HB 170 and measuring just over 2 inches
Twin B - HB 171 and measuring just over 2 inches

They are both growing almost exactly the same which they said is what we want. They don't want one to grow fast than the other. So that was pretty good news.

I was still lying there just having fun seeing them and the sonographer asked me to cough. I was like 'ooookay'. So I did and all of a sudden Twin B decided to start moving. It was the most amazing thing to see probably because I really wasn't expecting it. He/She was facing the screen and rolled over to the other side kicking me in the process. Then she went to Twin A who just didn't want to wake up. After laughing about it, he/she started bobbing their head.

Seeing them actually move just put me in awe. Things are starting to become more real as the days, weeks and months go on. Pretty soon, they will be here and this will all just be in the past and there will be new things I will be in awe about. But for now, I'm so happy with the progress and happy my little angels are growing great!

Here are some pictures from today's appointment as well as my first 'belly' picture:

Here is Twin A chillin' on his/her back almost sucking their thumb

Another picture of Twin A's face

Twin B (aka 'the active one') didn't want his/her picture taken.....the two pictures I got of twin B were pretty much identical. You can see his/her hands up on the side of their face and then a little bit of the squished up legs

I know I look so thrilled in this picture........this was about 10 1/2 weeks!

My next scheduled appointment is for August 12 and that is just to measure me and hear the heartbeats. Then I also scheduled the fun anatomy ultrasound for September 8 so we can find out what we're having. Kevin and I are both very excited for that appointment! I will continue to keep this updated as much as possible so check back often!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No more pains, please!!

Yesterday I called the doctor because starting Sunday night I was having some low abdominal pain on and off. On Monday it continued like that all day and yesterday it was just constant. It was starting to bother me for the fact that the pain wasn't getting worse but it wasn't on and off like it was the two previous days.

I asked the nurse what she thought it could be if maybe it was stretching or any type of moving of my uterus and she said it's too early for that......which I later did find out when I saw the doctor that it COULD be that! I think the nurses need to be more educated!

Anyways, they said I should just have an exam to rule out a possible UTI since that's the kind of pain it felt like. I went in and answered a bazillion questions. I was told I didn't have an infection or blood in my urine so that was good. But then what was causing my pains was my question. To make sure the babies were doing good I got to hear their heartbeats!!

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SOUND! I didn't cry like I thought I might. I was just more in shock. It was so weird. I was scared at first just hearing some swooshing sounds and no heartbeat but then she finally found both of them and I was immediately put at ease..........not for long since I was still having these pains.

She took a look inside and said my cervix was closed, I had no dialation, no irritation and no blood. Hmmmmm, I guess I stumped her because I asked why I was having this if she can't find anything. She said she ruled out everything it could be. The babies are good, I'm fine so she said to call if the pain worsens otherwise.......duh duh duh could be just stretching or moving of my parts into place so it could be completely normal.

I had no other choice but to accept that and move on my way...........last night was alright. My tummy still hurt and I had a hard time falling asleep but I finally did. So far this morning I'm feeling pretty good. I have some achiness in my lower abdomen and I'm hoping it doesn't get like how it was yesterday. I pray that it was just some stretching or moving and now I can feel better after the last 2 1/2 days of it.

My doctor still wants me to keep my appointment for July 15th. Kevin will be with me at that appointment and we'll be able to hear the heartbeats again. They'll do some other things like measure me and weigh me but other than that, it will be a pretty quick appointment.

I will update more then..........unless other fun stuff happens! :)