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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boy or Girl?

I’m still for some reason skeptical as to the gender of my unborn child but Dr. McDreamy has told me that their office has never been wrong. I did make him check 3 times so I’m quite certain he is right but just for fun, let’s go through the old wives tales to see what it predicts:

Sleep in left side (boy) or right side (girl) – Right side

Extreme nausea (girl) or a little/none (boy) – I had very bad nausea this pregnancy

Soft hands (girl) or dry hands (boy) – Soft hands

Craving citrus (girl) – Tie! I craved fruit with both pregnancies

Adult acne (girl) – Yup! I have had more blemishes this pregnancy than with the boys

Graceful (girl) or clumsy (boy) – I am always pretty clumsy so this one can’t count too much

Face weight gain (girl) – Tie! I did get a fuller face towards the end of my pregnancy with the boys and don’t have any face weight gain what-so-ever now

Craving salt (boy) or sweets (girl) – I crave both but more sweets than anything

Mood swings (girl) – Yes!

Carrying low (boy) or high (girl) – High

Baby weight all in front (boy) or space all around (girl) – Both pregnancies I was all belly. Tie!

Pendulum test – Have not done this one at all

If a toddler shows interest in your belly (girl) or no interest (boy) – Most kids have shown interest

Age and year of conception are even (girl) or one even, one odd (boy) – This says I would have a boy

Heartbeat more than 150 (girl) or less than 150 (boy) – The boys heartbeats were always over 150?

Boy = 1 Girl = 8 Tie = 4

Looks like the doctor is right! And according to the Chinese gender predictor chart, it says I am having a girl as well.

Now all we need is the next 45 days to zoom by so we can meet baby KK!