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Friday, September 18, 2009

21 weeks..........

We had our doctors appointment this afternoon and the babies are still doing good!!!! No problems with them, no problems with me! Here are some updates:

Twin A (Jaxson) - 154bpm
Twin B (Jayce) - 149bpm

They are still right in line with each other and from what they can tell from my weight and stomach growth, they are still growing just fine. These boys are also proving to be movers and shakers. I pretty much feeling their kicking/movements constantly throughout the day even when I'm active and walking around at work. Maybe they will be rambunctious??

I will go again on October 5 for another ultrasound. My continuing appointments will be every 2 weeks....2 weeks will be a growth ultrasound/check and 2 weeks after that is just a check, etc. just to make sure everything is going on schedule. I will continue that schedule until my last month and then I go every week.

We are starting to get very busy with packing to move next weekend, a baptism, baby showers and the holidays! I just hope I have enough energy to get through all of it.

I will update more as soon as I can!


Friday, September 4, 2009

And the genders are................

Duh, duh, duh, duhhhhhhhh..........2 boys it is!! I am still kind of in shock from this news but very happy to report that they are both doing excellent. Kevin and my parents came with me today and of course my Dad had to blurt out that he was right all along. Our sonographer found the first boy and my Dad said, 'well, I'm half right'. Then she found the other boy and my Dad just started laughing. Here are what their measurements are as of 5 months:

Twin A - 154bpm and 12 oz (5 days ahead of schedule)
Twin B - 148bpm and 11 oz (2 days ahead of schedule)

So both are still growing right along with each other and the heartbeats remain at the high end which is great. That's all we hoped for were 2 healthy babies and that is what we continue to be blessed with.

I know some of you may be wondering names and some of you may have already known. Our 2 peanuts will be Jaxson Joseph and Jayce Roger. Joseph is a name that has been in Kevin's family for ages and Roger was my late Grandpa's name. We will obviously want to see them first before deciding who's who but at this point, I really think Twin A is Jaxson and Twin B is Jayce. Jayce seems much more relaxed to me and Jaxson seems like a bully name which is exactly what they are. Jaxson LOVES to kick Jayce in the head!

Here are some pictures from today's visit:

Jaxson's profile

Jayce's profile

It's a Boy - Jaxson

It's a Boy - Jayce



Aren't my peanuts just adorable??

From now on, I will go to the doctor every 2 weeks and every 4 weeks will be another ultrasound to check growth so lots more appointments to go. In the last month is when I will go every week. Until then, we just keep praying that they grow big and healthy.