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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Motherhood has certainly proven to be better than I could've imagined............

We've had our fair share of restless nights since the boys have been home but for the most part, they sleep pretty darn good for only being 2 weeks old! Jaxson seems to be the big eater so he sleeps in longer blocks and Jayce eats less and is up more times to feed.

They had their first doctor's appointment last Wednesday. No immediate concerns for either of them!! YAY! They both do have blocked tear ducts that we massage twice a day and so far, it seems to be helping and clearing it up little by little.

Bath time is my favorite time so far! Both boys hate getting their bodies washed but they love when I massage their hair...........and after all is said and done, they look so cozy curled up in their towel!



Both boys have changed so much in the last 2 weeks!! I've been trying to take as many pictures as possible! So far, that hasn't been hard at all. Today I decided to try and take pictures of them together. It went better than I thought. Here are a few of my favorites:

My precious men

Picking on each other already

Jayce.....aka "cheeks"

Jaxson.....aka "peanut"

Hee, hee!

Kevin went back to work yesterday so during the day, it's just me and the boys. I love spending quality time with them. Before you know it, I'll have to go back to work and I know I'll miss it. We are just cherishing everyday and take the good with the bad.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to the world, babies!!

As you know from earlier last week, I was having some back contractions that decided to disappear on Wednesday. Looks like that was the calm before the storm........

Thursday morning my parents went with me to my doctor's appointment while Kevin stayed home to pick up the house for me. When we were done, we were hungry and going to stop for lunch before I went back home. While we were on our way there, we were in a 4 car accident. My blood pressure obviously rose with me being so completely mad at the idiot who rear ended 2 other cars behind them pushing those 2 cars into the back of my Dad's van. I think my blood pressure had something to do with putting me into labor and thinking I was hurt from the accident. My Mom hurt her back as well and we both went back to the hospital in ambulance because the doctor thought I should get checked even thought I was literally JUST there................We were in the ER for 4 hours and my doctor wanted me to go up to labor and delivery to be monitored for another 4 hours just to be sure it was all ok.

My Mom was still being checked out so Kevin and I went up to labor and delivery and they hooked me up to the monitors and everything looked okay and then they checked to see if I was dilated. The nurse said I was 4cm with Twin A's sac bulging and they were going to prep me for c-section. What news that was on New Year's Eve!!

The c-section wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but still irritatingly painful at the same time. Our little boys were born at 5:49pm on Dec. 31st! Jaxson was first weighing in at 5lbs 10oz and Jayce was second weighing in at 6lbs 2oz. And yes, they were BOTH born at the same time just 40 seconds apart. The nurse said in 21 years that she's been a nurse, she has never seen multiples born at the exact same time!

I guess all the excitement was a blessing in disguise and thankfully Kevin came right away and my parents were there to join in all the fun otherwise it may have been missed since it all happened so quickly.

We are all doing just fine. No NICU time for the boys and all their tests have been coming back just great. They are such strong boys!!

I will leave you with some pictures of their first 2 days in this world!


Getting ready for surgery

Ready, set............LET'S GO HAVE SOME BABIES!

Seeing my babies for the first time! :)

Welcome Jaxson Joseph Nabak!

Welcome Jayce Roger Nabak!

Our two bundles of joy already giving some brotherly love!

Proud Daddy!

Mommy (looking a little dead to the world) and babies!