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Friday, October 23, 2009

And they keep growing.............

Had another 2 week visit yesterday and the boys keep growing great. We hope and pray that they keep it up which means I have to keep up what I'm doing as well! Some updates from yesterday:

Jaxson (Twin A) - 145bpm
Jayce (Twin B) - 135bpm

Heart rates are going down a bit but that's normal since they are getting bigger. As long as they are 120bpm or above, then that is great. They are each gaining about 4-6oz PER WEEK!!!! So judging from our last visit 2 weeks ago, they both should be over 2lbs by now! WOW!!! Keep growing babies!

As for me, I'm starting to have very uncomfortable days. I have a lot of back pain if I sit or stand for too long at a time. Other than that, I've been doing just fine so far. I plan to work as long as I can.

Our baby shower is tomorrow.......a little early partly because the babies may come early and partly because of holidays coming up and being out of town and just plain busy! My Mom wanted to have it done before things get hectic!

The next scheduled doctor's appointment is for November 4 and that is for another growth ultrasound. I look forward to those appoinments the most when I can see the babies instead of just hear them! :)

I think it's just about bedtime. I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I will leave you with my 26 week belly picture:


Monday, October 5, 2009

6 month visit!!

The babies sure are growing! We had our 6 month visit today and here are some updates:

Twin A (Jaxson) - 155bpm and measuring 1lb 10oz
Twin B (Jayce) - 151bpm and measuring 1lb 7oz

Both are still right in line with each other which is obviously excellent news. Jaxson is still 5 days ahead and Jayce is now 1 day ahead. I will still go every 2 weeks. Our next appointment is October 22nd for a check and then November 5th will be another ultrasound. That will also be a fun appointment where I get to drink glucola and have my diabetes testing.

I have grown myself..........this is a picture from 22 weeks:

Everything continues to keep going great and that is all we keep praying for. I did get some pictures from today's ultrasound but for some reason they didn't make it onto the disk so I will update those when I can.