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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My babies are growing up so fast!

Well, I certainly have been quite the slacker in blogging department lately. Blame that on my busy schedule with 2 boys that are almost 2 months old! Time sure does fly when you're having fun.......

The boys are doing spectacular. Both still have had a little sickness lingering over the last few weeks but despite that, they are actually sleeping a little better everyday. Last night they only got up twice. YAY BOYS!

Our Mr. Men go for their 2 month check-up on March 5th. I'm scared to see how they'll react but they could be alright, you just never know! Then again, they could be just scarred for life. We'll see what happens.

My little Jaxson has been quite the learner lately. When I started putting both boys on their activity mats at 1 month, Jaxson was the one who took to it right away. Over the last few weeks, he's gotten so attentive and will just stare at you for hours. He seems to like his hands as he is always doing something with them. Maybe he'll be a wood worker or other labor intensive job when he gets older?? Kevin thinks he'll be a guitar player! :)

And my lazy Jayce man, cheeks! He's very laid back. He will go on the mat and play for all but 5 minutes before screaming to get off. He's a snuggler and loves to be cuddled and held. We have trouble getting him to bed at night for that reason but it's getting easier. We have our ways now of putting him down.

Both boys are still colicky. Last week was a rough week. Since we found out they were colicky at about 1 month, last week was the hardest week ever. Over the last 2 days, they seem to be getting better. Maybe now this is the home stretch that they get better everyday and at that 3 month mark, they will not be colicky anymore! We've heard the 3 month mark is where they stop but others say their kids were colicky well into 6 months. Hopefully these boys grow out of it soon so Mommy and Daddy can regain some sanity.

I have been taking pictures of the boys instead of taking them somewhere to have them done. It's good because I can put my own ideas into play and have the pictures exactly the way I want them. The first round of photos was when they were 2 weeks old....that was one of the pictures on their birth announcements.........and I just took more at 6 weeks. I'll probably take more this weekend at 2 months so I can start getting on a monthly schedule.

They always seem to be fussy right before I start getting them ready to take the pictures but then they turn into angels and let Mommy do what she needs to do. Here are some of my favorites:

Such loving brothers!

Jaxson is such a happy boy!

He looks like he's doing the

He looks like such a mischief maker!

Such a sad face

This past weekend we visited my parents at Country Springs Hotel to go swimming with the boys for the first time. I knew Jaxson would like the water because he's always so content in the bath. Jayce on the other hand was a handful. He doesn't like the bath and he sure didn't like the water but he had fun anyways.

Getting ready to take a dip in the water........

Daddy gave Jayce a mohawk


Daddy and father, like son

Mommy and Jax

So as you can, we have been quite the busy family lately. Just wait until the weather gets warmer and we'll be out and about all the time. Until then, we will play indoors, go shopping and visit friends.

Until next time....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy 1 month!

We made it past the first month! Yay! The boys are growing more and more everyday and constantly changing. As time goes on, we really see their personalities coming out. They are so different! Jaxson is more of the attention getter where as Jayce is more laid back. Of course that can change but for right now, that's how they are.

2 weeks ago Jaxson started getting bad tummy aches and gas so we switched their formula. Jaxson has been alright since but now Jayce has started projectile vomiting so it looks likes we will be switching again. I think this time it will be to a different brand. We did call the doctor and as long as Jayce is having wet diapers and eating then he is fine. So far, so good but we'll definitely be keeping an eye on him.

I started playing with the boys during the day to try and get them interested in the toys and learning. Jaxson does really well and Jayce is kinda fussy with it. At least they are getting that stimulation which is what I was shooting for.

I haven't decided a date when I will return to work but I am definitely going back. I will hate to leave these little guys during the day but they will be just fine. My sister in law (Kevin's sister) will be watching them a few days a week and my Mom will watch them for sure on Fridays and possibly more if she is able.

That is about all the news for now. We are just enjoying every minute with them and having fun watching them grow. I will leave you with a few pictures........