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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 4 1/2 months!!!!!

Congrats to my little peanuts, baby wiggly and baby rice cake! They are 18 weeks and 3 days today and continuing to grow big and strong!! I finally started feeling them move during a morning game of ‘hide-and-go-seek’. Earlier this week I was using the doppler to listen to their heartbeats and one of them……..I’m guessing this COULD be our little man……..kicked the doppler. Every time I would find one of them, they would be gone in a second. It has actually become one of my morning routines this week to listen to them and play through my tummy.

Here is an updated picture taken yesterday:

18 weeks

I can feel my continuing growth but from last month to this month, I don’t really see it in the pictures. I think at this point, I am rounding out more than growing forward. Either way, I AM growing and that’s what we want to show that the babies are growing inside me as well.

Kevin and my ‘ultrasound countdown’ is in the single digits!! In only 8 short days we will find out what is hiding in my tummy. Of course we have our preferences but as long as our babies are healthy, that’s all that matters. We will certainly keep everyone updated with what the genders are!

In other news, our move is down to only 1 month. We still haven’t started packing yet but I plan to try and get some done this weekend. Kevin and I are very excited to get out of our apartment and into something a little less busy and a little quieter.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh, the days go by!

After a little scare on Thursday morning, the countdown to our anatomy ultrasound continues................

Thursday morning I woke up and was having some pain in my lower back that extended around my right side. I got in touch with my doctor and she said to eat something, take some tylenol and lay down for a little bit. If that didn't help the pain, then she said to call the office when they opened. I ended up going in and after the doctor checked a few things, I just found out it was my stretching pains. I'm 4 1/2 months and this is apparantly a major growth spurt time for the babies. So it's good for them that I'm stretching because it means they are growing but it's also painful for me trying to keep up.

I've been having some trouble falling asleep and trying to get in the right position that's comfortable but eventually I drift off. During the day I do have some bouts where the pain hits me but all is well with the babies so I have to just deal with it.

We are now down to 13 days until our anatomy ultrasound where I HOPEFULLY can find out the genders (if the babies cooperate). Kevin is VERY excited to know what's hiding inside my belly as is the rest of my family. Kevin and my parents will be coming along for the fun on September 4! We can't wait!!!!!

Until then, I hope things keep progressing and the babies keep growing healthy! More exciting updates and pictures to come!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

4 months going strong

We all made it to 4 months!!!! The babies had their check up yesterday to measure and listen to the heartbeats. My parents were kind enough to accompany me since Kevin could not make it to this appointment. Here are the updates:

Twin A – 156bpm
Twin B – 160bpm

They are still very close in range so that is good. The rates have come down a little bit since my 3-month visit and the doctor said that is all normal because they are growing bigger and their little hearts don’t need to beat as fast. She said as long as they are 120 or above, that is good.

I have also finally gained some weight for the babies, which I’m thinking, is mainly all the extra blood and fluid. I am now up 9 pounds for these first 4 months. I should gain anywhere from 35 to 45 pounds throughout this pregnancy.

My due date is still January 25, 2010. If I make it past the new year, they will induce twins at 38 weeks, which would be January 12. Hopefully these little peanuts can hold out long enough to be big, strong and healthy.

Here is my updated picture of my ever growing belly:

This was taken at 14 weeks! What a change from just a month before.

Our next appointment is the big anatomy ultrasound where we can hopefully find out the sex of these babies! We have been counting down the days. That appointment is set for September 4 so we will surely update everyone more then!

Until next time.....