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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My 1st week back.........

Let's just say, being away from work for 2 months, I was hoping things would have changed but they are still the same! It is nice to have that 'break' from the kids but I do miss them like crazy. I am surprised this transition is going better than it did after I went back to work after having the twins. Maybe because I'm an 'experienced' mom? Who knows?

Ain't it the truth that when you're with your kids 24/7, you can't wait to get away from them for 10 minutes and when you ARE away from them, you want to be with them? I know it's not just like that with kids, it's like that in life in general but my post is about them so we'll stick with that!

A quick recap of my week thus far: Monday morning, cappuccino, Tuesday morning, cappuccino, etc. I just have to say I'm SOOOOOO happy I can resume my coffee routine. When I was carrying KK, I was told by my doctor I could have a small cappuccino and not my normal large so I decided to not have it at all. Finally after 6 months of no coffee, I decided to have a small one and although it gave me some minor contractions, I continued to have it.

Now I can have my large cappuccino every morning and I.LOVE.IT!

That was really my week. This isn't an exciting post, nor did it have any structure. Just wanted to blog in between calls...........

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